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NEXTCCUS-23 Workshop

Next Generation Electrochemical Systems

6 July 2023
Rome - Italy

Hybrid (In-person & Online)

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About Workshop

In the NEXTCCUS-23 Workshop we introduce some novel technological approaches and relevant state-of-the-art for electrochemical systems in various applications. The workshop will support the following topics:

  • CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage

  • Renewable Energies

  • Novel electrochemical cells

  • Electrocatalysts and membranes

  • Photoelectrocatalysts

  • Electrochemical reactors

  • Green e-fuels

  • Climate change mitigation

  • Circular economy

  • Photovoltaics-Electrocatalytic hybrid systems

  • Nanomaterials and composite structures

  • Scalable deposition processes

  • Electricity storage and batteries

  • Water splitting and hydrogen production

  • Piezo-electronics

  • Life cycle assessment

  • Theoretical calculations, modeling and simulation of electrochemical systems

  • Printing electronics

  • Biomass energy

  • Advance characterization methods

For more information please contact us via following email address:



NEXTCCUS Project Manager 

Iritaly Trading Company S.r.l., Italy

Title of the talk:

Electrochemistry as a Sustainable Approach for CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage


Dr. Mojtaba Abdi-Jalebi

Title of the talk:

Advancements in NEXTCCUS Anodes in Alkaline Electrolysers: Enhancing Stability, Activity, and Scalability through CuNiFe LDH Cores and Mxene Piezolayers


Dr. Mohamed-nawfal Ghazzal

Title of the talk:

Engineering grandiyne as an original strategy for energy applications


Dr. Leonardo Duranti

Title of the talk:

Next-generation materials for efficient energy conversion devices: reversible Symmetric Solid Oxide Cells

Picture MPrevot.jpg


Dr. Mathieu Prévot

Title of the talk:

Electrocatalytic valorization of biomass-derived furfural on structured Cu electrodes

Prof. Lazaros Tzounis_photo_02.tif

Dr. Lazaros Tzounis

Title of the talk:

Scalable, low-cost and versatile deposition "printing" technologies of water-based catalytic nanoparticle inks onto GDLs towards high performance GDE electrodes

Image 1.jpeg

Dr. Masoud Baghernejad

Title of the talk:

Interphases in LIBs: Molecular-Level Insight under Electrochemical Reaction Conditions by Vibrational Spectroscopy


Narges Yaghoobi Nia.jpg

University of Rome "La Sapienza"


Iritaly Trading Company S.r.l.,

Colosseum Arches


The workshop will be held in the Renaissance Cloister by Sangallo at Sapienza University of Rome, located at the historic centre of Rome - Italy

Via Eudossiana, 18, 00184 Roma RM

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