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Dr. Mahmoud Zendehdel

PhD of Inorganic Chemistry and Asst. Prof. of Chemistry and Nanotechnology with more than 14 years research and industrial activities in the field of electrochemistry, photochemistry, materials science, petrochemistry, crystallography, nanotechnology and thin film PVs. He was coordinator of 5 research and innovative projects in the field of natural gas desulfurization (TRL 7), methane to methanol under ambient condition innovative reactor (TRL 7), smart electrochromic mirrors for photonic industry application (TRL 5), methane to olefin electrocatalytic system (TRL 6) and water-based nanocrystalline slurries for application in optic and photonic industries (TRL 7). He published various scientific articles and book chapters in the fields of chemistry, crystallography, solar cells, corrosion, photocatalysts, electrochemistry and computational chemistry. He also filled 13 patents in the sectors of CO2 reduction to fuels (electrocatalytic), methane to methanol (electrocatalytic), methan to olefin (EC), EC-gas desulfurization, water based polymers, methanol separation membranes, large-scale nanomaterials manufacturing, nanocomposite coatings, perovskite solar cells and modules as well as food industry by crystallization of natural sweeteners.

He is RDI manager of Iritaly Trading Company S.r.l and through this position he is managing the “NEXTCCUS” EU project (ERA-NET ACT 2021) and CHOH-D (semi-industrial Italian project). He is also working in University of Rome Tor Vergata, department of Electronics Engineering as a scientist with focus activity on development of highly stable perovskite solar modules and novel 2D perovskite structures. In addition, he is CEO of Kimia Solar as a knowledge based company active in manufacturing of advanced optic and photonic devices and materials.


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