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CCUS Conference and ACT knowledge sharing workshop in Rotterdam (8-10 Jun 2022)

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Dr. Mahmoud Z


hdel (NEXTCCUS project manager) participated in the High level CCUS meeting (8th Jun 2022) and ACT knowledge sharing workshop (9th Jun 2022) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The event was take placed on SS Rotterdam ship.

CATO, the Norwegian Embassy in The Hague, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and ERANET-ACT (an international R&I funding program for Accelerating CCS Technologies), well jointly organized CCUS conference and an excursion, in which the development, challenges and opportunities for CCUS in Europe’s fight against climate change will be discussed.

8th Jun: The focus was on national and European policies on CCS, development and opportunities of full-scale CCS projects and public opinions on CCS with participation from governments, companies, researchers and NGOs. The Norwegian and Dutch Secretaries of State have gave a keynote speech.

9th Jun: The focus was on the European R&D projects of ERANET-ACT with participants from research and development institutes as well as the private sector. The projects from the 2nd Call of ACT are close to finalization and were shared their preliminary results. The projects from the 3rd Call of ACT have recently started and were shared their first results.

10th Jun: Excursion to the CO2 capture facilities of TNO in Delft and an excursion to the Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo-Energy were realized.

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